Hot Cheevos! Cheetos? Cheevos?

Summer vacation doesn’t really apply once you’ve left school (unless you’re a teacher). It’s made even worse because I now reside in sunny socal, where the seasons… well… there really aren’t seasons, are there? I grew up in Chicago. It was impossible not to know when summer had arrived or when it had left. These days my only indicator that summer vacation has started is the sudden drop in traffic (woot!). The sudden traffic jam (boo!) tells me it has ended.

This year is different. By a happy coincidence, I have what I’m considering a summer vacation. What am I planning to do with my summer then? Relax? Of course not! Summers were for doing all the things you couldn’t do during the schoolyear because you were too busy. So here is my summer plan!

I’m calling it my Hot Cheevos! Hot, for summer. And Cheevos for achievement points. Also, Hot Cheevos sounds a lot like Hot Cheetos, which are delicious and I’m going to reward myself with a bag at the end of the summer season =)

What is it? It’s a list of all the things I want to do this summer, with each task assigned a number of points. This mostly consists of personal art projects that I’ve been dying to get to but haven’t been able to because of my busy work schedule. Having a list helps me stay focused and get things done.

Want to play along? Easy! Make your own list! If you have more free time than usual this summer, like me, make a long list. If you are having a regular work summer, make a shorter list. Anything goes, it’s your list after all =) The point is to get things done. Here’s how I did mine.

First, I added all the big projects I want to get done this summer – art or otherwise. Then I added a bunch of stuff that I probably won’t be able to get to, but hey, wouldn’t it be nice if I did? Then I sprinkled in a healthy dose of medium to easy projects. They’re still things I’ve been meaning to do, but they’re more easily accomplished. I find this helps me keep my moral up, plus gives my brain a much-needed break from the big projects. These gets less points assigned, of course, but still adds to my weekly total =) Speaking of points, keep it simple. 5 points for big projects, 3 for medium, and 1 for all those easy ones. And of course you can add tasks as you go, so don't stress out about making a full list straight away.

Each week on Friday around noon-ish I’ll post my final points tally for the week. You can post yours too! Just tag it #HotCheevos2017 (or tag me) and we can keep each other motivated. Or do it privately and don’t bother with posting. It’s all up to you! The point is to get stuff done and feel super accomplished this summer =)

I’m counting my summer season as June 1 to September 1. You can do yours for longer or shorter. Alright enough talk, let’s get to work! Good luck everyone!